My Love Affair With Tshirts

I have to confess, I do have a thing for tshirts. I have a rather large collection already but whenever I see a specialty tshirt shops (especially funky or funny ones), I make a mental note to revisit once I’m a millionaire. Or if I’m on the internet and there’s an ad for tshirts on the side, I always click. It’s a compulsion. Here are some of my favourite tshirt sites:

Snorg TeesA fantastic collection of generally unoffensive, quirky tshirts. Various references to pop culture (Anchorman, Simpsons, Mario, etc…) and all quite fun and whimsical!  Favourites include: the one with the chocolate rabbits, one for the mathematicians; and a fantastic fix of egotism and 16-bit nostalgia.

Band Geek Hero: A collection of Guitar Hero-esque designs for all the instruments Sony never bothered to make games. My favourite is Piano Hero (although I’m obviously biased…), but other good (and weird!) ones include Kazoo Hero, Sitar Hero, Glockenspiel Hero and, of course, Triangle Hero (links not provided because they don’t work for some reason, but go to the site and have a look at the picture)

XKCD: Not a specialty tshirt site, but it is my favourite webcomic site and they do have a store (which features, among other things, tshirts). Some of these tees seem to be comprehensible only to people intimate with computer programming, but some are just good for a laugh (no prerequisite knowledge).

T-Shirt Hell: A collection of unashamedly crude, vulgar and politically incorrect tees. Don’t click the link if you are easily offended, and if you do, don’t come crying to me. You’ve had your warning. Some of the less offensive ones include: this one, this one; and this one.

80s Tees: I found this website when clicking an ad on the side of a Facebook page. I never click Facebook ads, but as I’ve said, I always click tshirt ads; so it would have been a case of an irresistible force meeting an unmovable object, but the tshirt being promoted had a picture of George Costanza, so the ad won. The website isn’t as sleek or flash as the others, but there is a large variety of tshirts. There are Seinfeld tshirts, video game tshirts and 80s movie tshirts, just to name a few (although I’m pretty sure Seinfeld was from the 90s…). My favourites include the Soup Nazi tshirt, another Mario one; and “Inconceivable!”.

That’s it for now. I think I’ve gone on about tshirts for long enough, but I’m always on the lookout for more; and if I ever make it big, I won’t be buying massive mansions and flash cars– I’ll be buying tshirts by the thousand. But until then, I’ll just look at the pretty pictures on the internet and occasionally save one to use as an avatar.


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4 responses to “My Love Affair With Tshirts

  1. sarah

    if i could, i would buy all my tshirts from this place.
    they are hysterical beyond belief.

  2. spikeyfan

    T-Shirt Hell & Snort Tees have some good shirts. I personally enjoy some of the smaller places to get tees. The ideas are a bit more original and customer service is excellent.

    Buzzy Multimedia
    Think Geek

  3. OK, you would appear to be my dream customer!

    I am starting a new t-shirt company called Rizzo Tees. Would you mind if I send you an email invitation and a 20%-off coupon code when my site is up? (which should be in about a month). Snorg, Busted, Threadless….. all have great shirts, and I think you’ll like some of my stuff too.

    Just let me know, thanks!


  4. Wow! I love that you love t-shirts. We just launched our site, Would love to get any feedback you may have. Here is a 10% coupon code: RC01.

    Thanks so much,


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