New Blog

Alright. So this is clearly not working. I haven’t updated this in months. But that’s ok. I’m starting a new blog. One that I hope to update more, perhaps. Every day, perhaps. The blog is called Still A Teen, and is meant to be a somewhat photographic chronicle of my twentieth year. Starting from my nineteeth birthday on the 22nd of August, 2009, the blog will be updated once a day as a record of my final year as a teenager, accompanied by photos that I will take on my new camera that I am getting for my birthday.

I won’t start photographing/writing until my birthday, but the blog has already been set up with an introductory post as well as an About Me section. I promise that the new blog will be more successful and regular than the first (i.e. this one), so please bookmark it, follow it– whatever it is you do on the internet. Follow me on Twitter to receive updates about the blog, and the various mundane details of my life.

Remember! The 22nd of August. I hope to see you then.


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